Stash Tea

April 25, 2016

Benefits of green tea are enormous, and that is usually the reason why people go for it, but they also go for its unique taste and smooth flavor. The best green tea usually comes from Asia, Japan or China, but it is not odd to see the teas that are originally from Europe or America. If you are looking for one of the best green tea brands, you came to the right place – Stash Tea Premium Green Tea is just what you are looking for!

Note that I was not a fan of green tea, but when I had to lose my weight, I decided to go with the tea in order to see if I could lose my weights by drinking the green tea. Finally I did – that is why I would like you to read this short article – if you don’t have problems with the weight, I’m sure that green tea will have a positive effect on your overall health condition.

Customer Rating:

Stash Tea Premium Green Tea comes from the finest gardens of Brazil where this tea is carefully selected and processed. The most interesting thing about the production process is that it is produced in the Japanese style in order to preserve flavor, fragrance and color of leaves.

Due to this delicate process, the overall product is golden-green tea with enhancing taste and inspiring flavor. According to the growers/producers, to achieve the best effect, it is recommended to drink it without any sugar (or with just a small pinch) and drink it after it gets cold. The whole genetics line, which is responsible for the unique taste and alluring flavor, comes from Japan, where growers took the seeds and brought it to Brazil. You can order up to 55 flavors – from premium green that I use, to organic merry mint and peach. Whatever you like!

On the topic of weight loss – I have used it (and I still do) for about 8 months, 3 cups on a daily basis. I have lost over 30 pounds in that period so I righteously consider it as the best green tea for weight loss. I must note that I haven’t had any side effects drinking green tea so far, although green tea capsules side effect were present when I decided to go with green tea capsules. Not sure if that was just me, or they do produce side effects. If you are looking where to buy green tea, you came to the right place – go and choose your flavor and enjoy in the relaxing effects and other pros of the green tea.