Matcha – Healing Tea

April 26, 2016

Hundreds and hundreds of different green teas are on the market right now. And in that entire bunch there is the tea that is good and then there is the tea that is far from good. People drink organic green tea because they want to lose weight or they seek other health benefits green tea has. The only problem that arises is the choice of the good green tea. In this article, we will cover one of the top tea brands in USA.

If you want to lose weight through tea then we are happy to present the best green tea for weight loss, Organic ceremonial Matcha aka Matcha tea. 2oz of this tea costs 5 dollars on Amazon, and it is a perfect price for a content that will melt your pounds.

This tea is the best green tea in stores in the USA. There are some tea brands that might be better than this brand, but they are hard to find and expensive to buy. But there is the difference in this tea because it is in the form of powder. Rather than making your normal tea with it, you add this powder to other things, smoothies, cakes, cookies and so on. But be careful, this tea is very strong and you will need only small amount of the powder to satisfy your taste palates.

So, many wonder what are the benefits of green tea and more precisely what are the benefits of Matcha tea. There are many green tea benefits, and the intensity of the effect depends on the type of green tea. In the case of Matcha, the primary benefit is weight loss.

Matcha green tea has a powerful ability to absorb radical chemicals in the body, 10 times more ability than any fresh fruit. Matcha tea rejuvenates the skin, and returns it in perfect shape and due to that, it has been said that it keeps the skin young and tight.

Matcha is the most beneficial green tea for weight loss; it burns the fat in the body four times faster than a regular workout. Side effects of green tea are non-existent if you take it in small amounts. With Matcha, you will lose your weight in short time, and you won’t have to worry about side-effects like increased blood pressure or increased heart rate, which are side-effects of many other weight loss products.

The reason behind Matcha being the best green tea on the market is the plethora of effects it has on the body and the fact that there are no side effects of drinking tea. If you keep using Matcha on the regular basis, along with a workout you will be able to increase your physical endurance up to 25 percent. Matcha affects the body in two ways due to it being a relaxant and a stimulant at the same time. You will be able to run or exercise with it, and your results will be astonishing. On the other hand, you can meditate and completely relax due to some components found it the tea.

Benefits of drinking tea daily, especially Matcha green tea, also include improvement of concentration and memory. This effect comes from high levels of L-Theanine found in Organic Ceremonial Matcha.