Matcha Green Tea Powder

April 25, 2016

Green tea has always been an important part of a complex mechanism of healthy life regardless to what category people fall into – whether we are talking about professional fitness participants, or just simple people who like to drink a cup of tea. It is a kind of hard job to pick the best green tea brand, but one thing is for sure – it must come from an organic farm. The best green tea comes from the organic farms, where people use only organic nutrients and they cultivate it in completely natural way, without using any of the chemicals. Organic green tea has much healthier components than a regular green tea, which has been grown using artificial nutrients. For this occasion, we prepared a shirt review of Matcha Green Tea Powder, which comes from the organic certified team Kiss Me Organics.

Customer Rating:

First of all, it is considered as the best green tea for weight loss. Besides many reports from people around the world, I can personally say the same thing. In just 6 months, I have lost around 30 pounds, which was completely impossible for me before I started using this tea. Thank you Kiss Me Organics!

Benefits of green tea are not just in a shape of weight loss. One of the main characteristics is its mild and relaxing effect that it gives you, especially after (and before) the stressful situations at work. From my experience, one cup of this tea gives me 2-5 hours of relaxed state – the state that was completely unknown to me until I started using green tea. It is a great relaxant that will boost you with the energy and you will continue your day without any problems, or, if you drink it after the work, will give you a nice and smooth sleep. As you have probably concluded that I had problems with weight, I was skeptical about the information that this tea increases body’s thermogenesis – a process of burning calories in a body – up to 50%. It turned out that it was true! I will not talk about the exact percent, but it definitely increased it!

There are no side effects drinking green tea, or at least, I haven’t had any. Before this tea, I had tried lipton green tea citrus, but I was more content with the Matcha Green Tea Powder. This particular one, comes in a packages of 4 oz, so when you consider the price and the health effects it provides, it is more than cheap. This green tea is made 100% of organic ingredients so you know that you are in touch with the nature while you are drinking it. Feel more than free to try it – you will not regret it!