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April 25, 2016

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This tea is a kind of different green tea because of its nutty and earthy flavor, which is combined with a note of sweetness, giving this tea totally unusual flavor. But this is exactly one of the main things that actually make this tea very special – no wonder it is listed in the top 10 green tea brands and considered as one of the best green tea brands at the same time. It all starts in the Zheijang Province in China. The leaves are dried and rolled into a small pellet. The grayish color that this heas reminds of of grains of black powder, thus it got its name. The majority of these tea-leaves are rolled by machine – only high-quality tea is rolled and processed by a bare hand. These leaves must be rolled cautiously so when they are put in hot water, they should unfurl in a slow way – which results in slow emitting of earthy aroma. This tea can be found in different versions of gunpowder tea, where Pingshui is the most common (larger pellets), while you have Ceylon that is considered to be high-quality since it is grown only in Sri Lanka in gardens that are high in mountains. The tea, in a liquid form after it is prepared, has its unique golden color – so it is very colorful when comparing to other green teas. When it is prepared well, it has a taste of honey, with a slight coppery end. This is the best green tea for people who like grassy and earthy teas.

The benefits of green tea are more than numerous – it is excellent antioxidant in a vicious fight against free radicals that are endangering your body cells and changing DNA pattern.

Davidson’s Gunpowder Green Tea proved its quality – it destroys up to 96% of toxins in your body, has a vast number of polyphenols that reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, and it also aids liver in converting toxins into a water-soluble compounds, which will leave the body much easier in this way.

It is considered also as the best green tea for weight loss, since in Asia, everybody mention it when it comes to the weight loss topic. The reason for that is because it contains: catechins, thenanine and caffeine which burn fat and build up muscle structure. That means it boosts the metabolism of your body, burning calories much faster and with the great help of caffeine. A lot of people reported positive results on Crohn’s disease and other related digestive problems, so it is definitely has an abundance of health benefits.