Bigelow Green Tea

April 25, 2016

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Benefits of green tea are known to human mankind since the dawn of time. The starting point for green tea was in the Ancient China, some 4,000 years ago when it was firstly brewed. Its healthy components led to massive production, where different companies are fighting to take the title of the best green tea. Why am I writing this review? Honestly, I thought that I will never switch from coffee to tea, but I did in the end.

Therefore, I felt an urge to present you tea astonishing effects of the tea. As a hard-core coffee fan, I must admit the green tea – Bigelow Green Tea in particularly- helped me to become more relaxed person, since I work as a bank clerk and my job is packed with many stressful situations. In my opinion, if you look for the best green tea in stores, you will not find any better than Bigelow Green Tea.

This tea is 100% gluten free, without any additional calories or carbohydrates. The hype that was created about this tea is because it is made by hand-picked green tea leaves that grow at high-elevation gardens.

With the refreshing scent and a whole arsenal of antioxidants that fight against the infamous free radicals that often leads to a cancer, Bigelow Tea proudly holds the title of one of the best green tea brands on today’s market.

Among the top rated tea brands, Bigelow Tea is put in the top 5 green tea brands. The product comes in 40-count boxes, with total of 240 tea bags. The tea is fresh, due to protective packets which the tea bags are packed in.

In my personal experience, I usually drink 2 or 3 cups of this tea per day. From the very first day, I have felt a relaxing effect that calms me even after the most frustrating days on my job. While I was still drinking coffee, I was also relaxed after a cup of coffee, but this tea makes me more relaxed and focused, which I couldn’t reach on coffee. That was the biggest reason for me to switch coffee with green tea. If you are looking for green tea and wonder what green tea to buy, this one is definitely for you, especially if you are fan of rich-flavor, combined with the relaxing effect that comes from the best hand-picked tea. I recommend you drinking it without sugar and when the is cold.