Best Organic Matcha Green Tea

April 26, 2016

Matcha is a company that is well known for their powder tea products, and it isn’t a surprise that their new product, Jade Leaf-Organic Japanese Matcha, meets the expectations of the audience.

Best green tea from Matcha is also a name connected with Jade Leaf, and it is to be expected. Even though this tea is in powder state it is fully natural and there are no chemical additives in it (it is also fully vegan and gluten free). The best way to use Jade Leaf tea is to mix it into recipes for lattes, smoothies or a plethora of baked dishes.

Don’t be surprised by the small package in which Jade Leaf comes (even though it is 10 dollars for the package on Amazon); the looks are in this case deceiving. You will need only a teaspoon of the powder to make it work. One simple recipe involved hot water and hot milk. Simply put a teaspoon of Jade Leaf into the water and let it dissolve and after that mix it with milk.

Beneits of green tea from Matcha are well known, but culinary grade powder tea has a kick to it. If you use only a half teaspoon of Jade Leaf per a dish you are taking in around 35mg of caffeine. But that caffeine will not get you wired and jittery as coffee will because this green tea has L-Theanine which calms you down. For more info about the mixture of those two elements and other effects of Jade Leaf go on green tea Wikipedia and you can find all you need about benefits of green tea and its elements.

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Before you go in the store or browse the Amazon to buy a powdered green tea you should be aware of the grades and what they represent. There are several grades of powdered green tea including ingredient, café and so on; and these grades are on the lower part of the scale. Two top grades of green tea that come in powder are culinary and ceremonial grades, both of which are produced by Matcha. The difference in these two grades is in which way you consume the tea. Ceremonial grade means that you can use the tea as a potion, and culinary grade means that the tea is used as an ingredient in a plethora of dishes. Both of these grades are the top grades which are why Jade Leaf falls in best green tea brand category.

Working men and women will thank the creator of this tea because it is perfect for that kind of people. This organic green tea reduces anxiety and stress which are two problems office workers have to face every day. This green tea also boosts the metabolism and by doing that is also helps in burning off the calories and that affects the loss of weight.

Jade Leaf might not be the best green tea for weight loss, but the taste it has will not turn you away from it. The majority of products that are used for weight loss are tasteless and you have to force them down your throat. Jade Leaf has a great taste and you will drink it every day, and through that, you will always feel refreshed and ready for new challenges the day brings.